We’re changing the face of mental health — one conversation at a time.

We are candid and vulnerable about our own mental health struggles. We are working to upend the front-end of the mental health space. Our advocacy work and weekly podcasts are focused on sharing stories, encouraging people to explore and utilize support services, and helping others find their way to thriving.

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Each week we tackle different mental health topics through honest and relatable “kitchen table” conversations with real people who are helping to shatter mental health stigmas and find their voices. We aim to normalize discussions around mental health topics and remind our audience they are not alone, there is strength in community and “it’s perfectly ok to not always be ok.”

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Erik contributed to the third edition of this book. His chapter “Tell Someone” describes what it feels like when we break the cycle of silence by openly sharing our mental health struggles for the first time.
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The Path to Greater Joy

Read about lessons learned and real-world experiences.


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